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The pre-shipment inspection for Metal, Plastic, and Paper Scrap imported to India in accordance with the “Hand Book of Procedure Vol-1” and subsequent amended Public Notices / Notifications and Circulars issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) of India is compulsory.

Scrap is permitted only on the condition that it does not contain harmful toxic, radioactive, weapons, ammunition, shells, cartridges and other types of explosives and pre-shipment inspection and certification (PSIC: Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate) is required.

When importing goods, the importer should submit the pre-shipment inspection certificate issued by the inspection and certification body.

Imported goods should comply with metal waste/ scrap classification codes and specifications recognized internationally.

The import of scrap can only be done through designated ports in India, without exception of special zones such as EOU and SEZ.

DTAMISSPL is an Associate with DGFT Empanelled Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency to carry out inspection of various commodities and waste materials.

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